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  Resinous flooring are not all the same! The choice of the product to be used is critical to the application or need of our clients. Jarco Industrial will evaluate the needs of each project to provide the best overall performing product for the particular application and budget. 

  Jarco Industrial specializes in professional preparation and application of resinous flooring to guarantee that the installation process is successful.  We provide assistance and solutions from product recommendation and specification, to installation and aftercare.

  Resinous flooring consists of applying a base of resinous material, such as epoxy, polyurethane and methacrylate, to concrete, wood or other rigid surfaces. Resinous flooring systems are smooth and non-porous; they are often used in new construction and restoration projects as self-leveling mixtures to create seamless surfaces. Resinous flooring systems are classified as decorative systems, general-use commercial and industrial systems and high-performance or special-application systems.

  We strongly recommend resinous flooring for industrial usage; it is an extremely tough and durable synthetic product and is normally applied by roller or squeegee when coating is required and by trowel application for a screed. Other advantages of this type of flooring include high impact resistance, easy to clean and maintain, it reduces the presence of dust and it comes in a variety of attractive colors and decorative finishes to give an appealing look to any surface.

Floor Coatings

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