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  Attractive, safe floors start with a smooth floor. Repair and maintenance of the construction and control joints in your floor are essential for clean, safe floors that protect the longevity of your material handling equipment. We fill these joints with epoxy and polyuria products to protect the edges of your concrete and provide a smooth surface to help keep your equipment from premature wear and provide you with safer work environment for your employees. The bottom line are concrete floors that look better, are safer, require less maintenance and last longer.

  Commercial concrete flooring must be cleaned periodically in order to extend its service life and enhance its beauty. Dirt and grime build up very slowly on a concrete floor and so it is often difficult to determine when your floor is in need of a deep cleaning.

  Our professional floor care includes the complete cleaning of all cement flooring areas using a commercial floor scrubbers and eco-friendly commercial floor cleaners. We will also perform regular maintenance services on all of your concrete flooring in order to extend the life of its service and to maintain a more professional appearance throughout the year.


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